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  • Rang,bhang & politics: Arre Holi ho to aisi ho
    The bullet-proof rath that is deputy prime minister L.K.Advani's home on the road for a month is very well furnished with plush sofas,a TV,a DVD player,laptops,conference tables,microphones,a public address system,a chemical toilet and a hydraulic platform to raise him for the crowd to cheer....

  • Party puppets at moppet show
    During a recent debate on a popular TV channel the panelist promised to be an interesting mix of young MPs.They were-once againmainly from western India, I.e Maharashtra,and one from Bihar.Featured were Ramesh Chennithala(Congress),Praful patel of the NCP,Sanjay Nirupam of the Shiv Sena and the ...

  • women power: Mira,Ritu,Naina add new glamour
    A trumphant punjabi lioness has come back home to celebrate and release her new movie Monsoon wedding.Ever since she was a kid she wanted to have something to do with the movies.whether it was acting,writing or making films.This Golden Lion awardee has proved in her new movie how much of a p...

  • If winter has arrived,can Delhi wait to play polo?
    when the polo season starts in the capital,it's one more sign that winter has arrived and soon the city's schmoozers and polo aficionados will be ready to enjoy the royal game of speed and power.The gathering at polo grounds always see a gathering of ex-royals and India's elite....

  • Diwali was a musical affair for Delhi VIPs
    The top leader in the capital entertain themselves by organising a variety of cultural activities.This is also a PR exercise for the busybodies as the guest include media heads,various politician and industrialist....


  • Why court trouble on trivialities?
    Laws are there to protect us. Unfortunately, some people, for vested interest, are taking that advantage of loopholes in the system and bending it to suit their purpose

    The role law plays is one of the tenants of our democracy, and one that we are all justifiable proud of. We have ...

  • Why not take a sporting stand?
    The Government should take advantage of the interest created in athletics due to the film Bhaag Milka Bhaag. Children should be encouraged to play all kinds of sports

    India was a land of heroes. From Maharaja Rana Pratap to Chhatrapati Shivaji to Jhansi ki Rani, these people were ...

  • The other side of surrogacy
    It is sad that many women are opting for surrogacy just because they don't want to give up their hectic social life, ruin their figure or go through labour pains.

    Today's girls are not just intelligent, they are smart as well. They are more aware of things than their grandmothers ...

  • Modi best man to lead nation
    The public is looking for a leader who is honest, works for development in his area and is approachable. A politician who falls short on these will be voted out.

    Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi had made headlines in all the newspapers and TV channels when he was elected as th...

  • Youth has power today
    A group of youngsters, mostly boys aged around 20, the other day were arguing about the sad state of affair. The talk centered around how useless the system is and how the UPA-II Government is being run by the Congress High Command. It was a shock to hear what these young guns, who are the vote...


  • Temperatures
    With the temperatures soaring, Delhi is literally burning and the citizens are running from pillar to post for pani, bijli aur makan. While the poor die of heat stroke trying to save their small slops from the MCD hammer, the rich enjoy their 5 star air-conditioned comforts. It sure does pay to be a...

  • Delhi
    The Delhi party scene spells glamour in various forms and ways. Being the power center, it does attract the cream of society with heady mix of fun and psuedoism. Polo in the sunshine on a Sunday afternoon are fun, flamboyant and fashionable a place to be seen with sun shades, hats, fans fur and boot...

  • Chamba
    Chamba the quint town in Himachal Pradesh is where I have grown up. This is cradled between the Dhaula Dhar and Pangi ranges, nurtured by the River Ravi. And the borders of Chamba touch Jammu and Kashmir. It is a land of untold natural beauty, deep historical antiquity, rich and varied culture and e...

  • Cannabis
    Pushing drugs is a lifestyle statement for the rich and famous today, the aim being on of how to stay on a constant high. Age is no bar for experiencing the ultimate thrill at their parties, where the young and old have no qualms in revving it up. In a world of make believe, money and glamour finds ...

DNA Sunday

  • Capital capers: No holds barred addicts and their licentious raj Sniffing & snorting in Delhi
    If you'd been to a fashion week party in Delhi recently, you may have noticed several models rushing to the loo every now and then. It wasn't their bladders working overtime. It was just that you need both privacy and a slab to draw a line of cocaine. Often they came out with a little bit of whit...

  • Bureaucracy
    CAN BUREAUCRACY BE REFORMED ? Since the time Dr. Manmohan Singh made his intentions clear to reform and revitalize the Indian bureaucracy, a whole new debate has spawned over performance and accountability of 'Babus' in modern India. Newspapers continue to furnish details of recommendations made...

Hard News

  • VIP vaccines
    It is no one's doubt that the Indian system caters largely to VIPs.Last month,with India facing a serious shortage of Yellow Fever vaccine,it became clear that civic agencies and hospitals are meant for VIPs alone.According to a Superintendent at the capital's Ram Manohar Lohia hospital,strict instr...

  • Where's the bat?
    Cricket is religion,power,money,glamour and recognition.So why are we surprised when Sharad Pawar,Laloo Prasad,Farooq Abdullah,Bansilal's son Ranbir and Arun Jaitley are a part of the cricket board,along with kamal Muraka?If the National Democratic Alliance remained in power,it would certainly have...

  • Dark clouds over India Shining
    The objective of the "India Shining" campaign launched by the Vajpayee government is to get another mandate to rule the country for the next five years....

  • Wait and watch
    The Bhartiya Janta Party leadership is in dithers again about how to respond to the recent arrest of Jayendra Saraswati, the Shankaracharya of the Kanchi muth....

  • Playing hookey
    As for the other new MPs in town, like tycoon Anil Ambani, tinsel-town celebrities Jaya Prada and Dharmendra, and Sharad Joshi of the Farmers Shetkari Sanhatan, well, they have been busy with their weekend classes on parliamentary basics....
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