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Pushing drugs is a lifestyle statement for the rich and famous today, the aim being on of how to stay on a constant high. Age is no bar for experiencing the ultimate thrill at their parties, where the young and old have no qualms in revving it up. In a world of make believe, money and glamour finds this outlet most distressing and also exotic.

If you are addicted to cocaine, alcohol or heroine and like cannabis in your cigarette, then there is no risk in inviting you to Delhis hep party scene. At a popular pub where the in crowd boogies, I was witness to a heros welcome being given to a drug peddler recently discharged from Tihar Jail. They hugged and kissed him as if he was their savior, with his pockets full of hash, crack, grass, coke, acid (like Father Christmas with his bag of goodies) and the latest in vogue- the horse tranquilizers. Our city is the nerve center of businessmen/politicians/ bureaucrats, cultivating each other out of sheer necessity in this still continuing age of License Raj. In the name of networking, you will see all sorts of debauchery in Luytens sprawling bungalows and farm houses on the outskirts. The entertainers in vogue are the gigolos, mujrawalies and sleek Russian babes. It is sad to see glamourous housewives/mistresses as addicts at such parties. Joining them are the frustrated and neglected housewives with unlimited bank balance and looking for an escape to the world beyond. Throw in a few trendy homosexuals and the guest list is complete.

Sometime back two political big wigs got their kids married and the party actually turned out to be a free for all. If you are regular at such parties or bars, then the barmen will keep special supplies for you. The latest is that you can get these home delivered like pizzas. You can now get a slice of any above mentioned at your step. The Delhis powerful fun lovers have a close well-knit group to keep their stocks replenished. The corridors of power & money are now frequented by these socially acceptable friendly neighborhood pushers.

Ah! And are you in with the latest trends or not? The chiffon ladies sipping champagne in the evenings are going gaga over the Khadi Gram Udyogs and beauty parlours known to be frequented by Sonia/Priyanka Gandhi to emulate their look and style. Darling! Its in to be a look alike of Sonia Ji for the mummys and Priyanka for the betis. Let us not forget that being called a good copy is a compliment today. Viva-La-Sonia!!! But borrowed feathers doth not maketh a peacock! Style is in bred baby.

Watch out for moviemaker Jagmohan Mundra and thousands of aspirants in the look alike list of Gandhis waiting to give the screen test. Hello! They have even perfected the Italian accent. Darling! Baat Ban gayi! Lo and Behold! Pubs like Olive, Climax and other hangouts are brimming with young thirty-five plus dressed almost as Bhramcharis in white kurta pyjamas with specs to give the final touch! Familiar? Familiar? Hey Rahul Gandhi! Oh! But! There is another---and another---and another. My God! I give up!

With ministers traveling abroad with their huge panafiniliar in June, the chamchas cannot be far behind. With the heat of the reservation too much to handle, overworked/stressed power brokers/netas/bureaucrats are off to foreign jaunts for holding meetings. Hello! Oxford Street in London is the best bet to have your meetings and networking today. If you want to meet the twittering chattering socialities, Spain, Italy and Greece are the new watering holes. The latest for the hoity toity in thing is staying at the Ice hotels where the temperatures are kept below zero giving the nouve rich ladies reason to exclaim, Ooh! My mink coat was not good enough and nor were the banned Shah Toosh or Cashmere overcoats. Well! Well! The mantra is if you got it flaunt it. Yet! The wannabes just cannot strike a balance. They are unable to roll their eyes the right way or learn to be exclusive and approachable at the same time. This takes time Honey! London is pass now but dont despair if you cannot afford Europe- just go to Kualampur or Bangkok to pick up cheaper copies of Lious Vuttions and Pradas. It will do in Saddi Dilli.

The latest sport in town is to be in the Common Wealth Organisation Committee. Suresh Kalmadi hosted a fabulous dinner for the visiting Common Wealth President. Hello! But the cold vibes of the sulking sports Minister Mani Aiyer was enough to freeze in the heat. At least something is keeping the pot-bellied prosperous politicians busy. They head various committees Judo for example is headed by Jagdish Tytler Oops! Shiela Dixit better beware ! You may need to know that Vijay K Malhotra heads archery, football has Priya Dass Munshi, and table tennis is for Abhay Chautala. Anand Sharma looked a bit stiff at this party. Obviously man ! He is a mantri now. Ah! One cannot help noticing the charming petite Shiela Dixit while Nafisa Ali skips, hops and jumps for attention. Shiela may be adding a few more gray hair everyday to get the basic paani bijli problem sorted out but the new planners of Delhi have yet to make a start to prepare the city for the games. Sometimes playing footsie, other times Kabaddi and archery behind the scenes. With enough money to be got of by the auction of plots for hotels and other such revenues lot of greased palms will have gold dust left on them in the bureaucrats, politicians and businessmen nexus once again.

The design on a womans birthday cake is often beautiful, but look closely and the arithmetic is usually terrible.