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It is sad that many women are opting for surrogacy just because they don't want to give up their hectic social life, ruin their figure or go through labour pains.

Today's girls are not just intelligent, they are smart as well. They are more aware of things than their grandmothers and mothers. They can talk on any and every subject. They know what they want and how to get it. They are busy working, socialising and competing with men. This is leading to increased anxiety and stress. They lead hectic lives, so easy ways are found to fulfill their feminine side. Opting for surrogacy has become the latest fad. The babies born are perfect - in fact tailor-made. Unfortunately, our celebrities are unwittingly have become their role models.

Recently, officials across the nation have noticed that it is not just the babies that are being made-to-order but there have been a rise in the number of fertility clinics. The ranges of facilities these clinics offer ensures that desperate couples walk out of the clinic with a smile on their faces. The state-of-the-art technology available is solving problems of many.

But this column is more than just what these clinics are offering. It is about how this kind of option is becoming a convenient option, with couples going for this lifestyle. It has become a fashion statement or even a convenient sexual subterfuge. There are many women out there who instead of giving in to their basic instinct are substituting it with personal preferences. The recent two examples are that of Shah Rukh and Aamir Khan.

Aamir already has two children with his first wife. His second wife wanted a baby too. But because she had medical problems they decided to for for surrogacy. Nothing wrong there. In Shah Rukh's case the mystery remains, even as there are reports about the baby's fragile condition. Gauri and Shah Rukh have two wonderful grown up children. So the question of motive, need and urgency is a mystery. Is it because they want to join their Hollywood counterparts like Nicole Kidman to Jessica Parker? Or is it a part of a new convenient phenomena?

A doctor in the Capital has on her records 45 surrogate mothers available. Are cheap Indian wombs going to be the next big thing to take the world by storm? The answer is yes. The greed for money is on the rise. It's not just about those couples with medical condition any more. The 'rent a womb' trend has created a class of spoilt Indian upper class.

Women who want to avoid the whole child birth process have a convenient option - almost like a lunch time botox sitting. They prefer to skip the entire process of bonding with a life they are creating, the basic building block of traditional and natural motherhood. The essence of their femininity and the wholeness of the experience is being seen by this new class of 'yummy mummies', as inconvenience. Since an option is available, more and more women are going for it. The bonding that one develops with the baby when it is in the womb and the traditional thinking that the family's bloodline is carried on through the baby is lost forever. And for what?

All because the woman doesn't want to give up her kitty parties, her perfect figure, go through the trouble of labour pains or even have a C-sect mark on her skin. I don't understand this new trend. In my opinion the proudest moment in a woman's life to show her baby bump and get congratulated instead of suddenly one fine day morning to the world - we are parents, we hired a womb.